In Front of the Crowd

by Robbledegook

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During the Late Joys gig last Saturday at the always fabulous Carousel Lounge, we did a bunch of old material among which were some of my soapbox songs (Ghost Town, Twisty System, Dresden, among others). Matt bantered that next on my to-do list was a song about gun violence, which as we all know is the scourge of today. Well, alright. I took up the challenge and wrote this little number.

This is a rehearsal recording I did in my study with Kelly J. Rath.


You have a question
Come over, sport
I'll let you hear my full report
You don’t like Mondays
Go tell it to the hordes
On your messianic message boards

Never sent my children off to school
Never learned to live by the golden rule
Why are those people standing round?

Where am I?
I’m in front of the crowd

Pocket Constitution
And your Target card
We practice late in the back yard
It’s not my fight
Don’t look at me
He pulls my trigger and he’s free

Never sent my wife to a dead-end job
Disgruntled co-workers, death by cop
Why are those those people falling down

Look at me I’m in front of the crowd
Look at me I’m in front of the crowd

Go text your mom go call the cops
I keep on popping and I just can’t stop
I hope you take this all to heart
Cos, baby, here’s my parting shot
Go blame the victim don’t blame me
Cos I’m not sentient like a human being
I think you’ll know just what I mean
You can read it in my magazine

You’ll never know where I’m concealed
You stand like statues or you kneel
I’ll fill your head with another round

Look at me I’m in front of the crowd
Look at me I’m the talk of the town
Look at me I’m in front of the crowd


released October 16, 2015
Guitars and vocals: Robi Polgar, Kelly J. Rath



all rights reserved