We're Going Steady Now (demo)

by Robbledegook

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This is the parable of the son who falls for his father's exotic dark-eyed (Arabian, perhaps?) lover. First a drunk, foolish boy with no sense of his place in history, our hero evolves into a cunning little "leader of the free world" and makes his moves on the defenseless woman, with terrible, tragic consequences that go well beyond the bedroom of his obsession.

Some have said that this tale sounds eerily familiar; but, while I sense something contemporaneous in the song, it'll be some future historian who'll no doubt spot the connection.


We're going steady now though it's been a little rough
I've filled my head with thoughts of you and I can't get enough
I need you girl, 'cos you make me feel like the leader of the free world

I never noticed you when I was just a bumbler
I'd take the short-term view and pour myself a tumbler
You danced the seven veils and I went right back on the rails

My daddy fawned on you but I'm much more obsessive
Don't tell me that we're through I might just get aggressive
You're at my beck and call with your burka down and your back against the wall

I'm not as stupid as you think, ain't that a laugh?
I obfuscate and I conspire
You're either willing or I'll rip you right in half
I'm not insane, I feel inspired (I'll set the world on fire)

You're not as clever as you think, not by a mile
My daddy warned me all about your tricks
Your tattered skeleton still wears a charming smile
But where's that special gift you hid? (You know I'm gonna find it)

We're going steady now, what don't you want to hear?
I said I'm ready, how I hate when you turn on the tears
Don't tell me "no," 'cos I take what I want and I'll never let you go (I won't leave you alone)

We're going steady now
We're going steady now
We're going steady now
We're going steady now


released January 1, 2005
Robi guitar/vox



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